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Forum » Forums » <PAR>-Servers* » Development - <PAR>-Hook&Rail*Clan Base (New Settings, Suggestions, Opinions)
Development - <PAR>-Hook&Rail*Clan Base
maartenezeDate: Tuesday, 12.04.2016, 16:58 | Message # 31
CTF Master
Group: Mate
Messages: 30
Reputation: 6
Status: Offline
Last man standing sounds fun
PirateDate: Wednesday, 13.04.2016, 14:38 | Message # 32
Group: Referee
Messages: 84
Reputation: 36
Status: Offline
base should be in old settings
as it started from railersinc to par
i never went to rock server because of the rockets and now base having rockets....i dont know why
the vortex and granades are fun but with rockets i dont have so much fun as i had
PAR base isnt PAR base anymore ....

i hear many players also liked the old settings more then what it is now
i dont tell names ....they should tell it them self....but they are scared for an awnser like that they are complaining
im an old railersinc member and at railersinc i never seen 1 rocket launger
PAR base is not what it was anymore ....
i do still play but when does people using rockets i will be more in spec mode
I play with more fun in other servers like AWE or bnb ....why ?
my old school server ....railersinc germany/ PAR aint what it was

why do i repeat the same thing on a other way
their are more players who liked base on old settings

1 player told me ....i liked base on old settings
when i played in rock server then it was fast and stressing ....then i went to par base for relaxing games but since base has rockets i dont play so relaxed anymore in par base (words of a player what is allready playing long time)

now i also have some ideas but i dont know if thats possible
maybe add more power at the railjump
or any items in maps ....walking slower ...walkingg dying up more (that the health is walking up)....powerjump.. 
and those items return on the place where the player got shot  (just an idea)

i HOPE more PEOPLE can give their oppinion and ideas about base....
and dont tell them they complain...because everyone has their own thought and ideas about the server

so please people give your OWN oppinion about PAR BASE and come with some good ideas  uhm
because i cant talk for everyone and i gave my oppinion

greetings from an old railersinc member
PAR base Hook&Rail


Message edited by Pirate - Wednesday, 13.04.2016, 20:55
mickeyDate: Thursday, 14.04.2016, 09:21 | Message # 33
.sh!Z' Clan Leader
Group: Friends
Messages: 14
Reputation: 40
Status: Offline
I can express my opinion as just player of this server.
Once Base had own unique atmosphere. Pure rail skill without rockets chaos. It was the only one such server on the Arena with these settings.
One shot one kill, without grenades and vortex.
Well I remember, many good maps played 1v1 with Ness, Kat, and other best players from Arena, on this server =))

Message edited by mickey - Thursday, 14.04.2016, 09:28
maxxDate: Thursday, 14.04.2016, 21:50 | Message # 34
Master sergeant
Group: Friends
Messages: 21
Reputation: 8
Status: Offline
It was nice when PAR BASE appeared to be a rail server only
TeaserDate: Thursday, 14.04.2016, 23:02 | Message # 35
Major General
Group: Referee
Messages: 265
Reputation: 59
Status: Offline
Hey Pirate, there was 2 your fav. turrets also smile
Forum » Forums » <PAR>-Servers* » Development - <PAR>-Hook&Rail*Clan Base (New Settings, Suggestions, Opinions)
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