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55. Kat Teaser [Teaser]   (19.07.2012 21:32)
Thx. Always Welcome. gunsmilie

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54. SS   (19.07.2012 15:28)
Best servers for q3 <3

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53. Rik de Bruin [SPACE]   (09.07.2012 01:20)
Hvorfor al denne besvær for evigt? kan ikke engang en gang fred. Det gør mig skør. Hvordan er det så? Og hvorfor er det så? Hvem har hvad der er galt? Nogen venligst forklare. Utroligt!

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52. PINK   (19.06.2012 16:07)
i will stop posting here, PEACE!
Answer: thanks (and i was clear with post 52)

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51. Julius Ceasar [Pirate]   (19.06.2012 01:04)
insults and threats on par members, that messages will be removed from this site. so please be kind to each other, speak english.

i delete most of the crap allready

so better be nice

peace and respect
Answer: WE have A forum, you can say all things there if you want.


are people so stupid they dont know the meaning of a guestbook???

peace out

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50. PINK   (19.06.2012 00:46)
loverly teaser and good par clan xD

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49. Kat Teaser [Teaser]   (19.06.2012 00:33)
yes when you PINK here it's like big shit smile

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48. PINK   (18.06.2012 22:44)
im speaking shit

Coming soon to your site will be one big shit.
Answer: pink is the collour for gays or girls right?

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47. Mr. Shapito   (18.06.2012 12:06)
better use precision rail, than long tongue. better use nuclear rockets, than rotten words. better gunned your opponent in arena, than write shame messages here... Peace and Respect for all.

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46. Rik de Bruin [SPACE]   (17.06.2012 17:38)
ludzie słuchajcie, ja wiem o co chodzi? To może być w języku polskim, także w języku, w języku angielskim. To sprawia, że się nakrętka. Ale proszę tylko rozłożyć, co chcesz. Ja (AFAIK) zrobili nic złego.
Answer: huh wat ?

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45. Kat Teaser [Teaser]   (17.06.2012 11:32)
you must say: Thank you Teaser cuz you not delete my stupid posts, but you so angry biggrin
Answer: ARRR u didnt, but Harrrrr i did

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44. Kat Teaser [Teaser]   (01.02.2012 07:32)
post here all links ofc

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43. Matthew ([SLc]Tyranus/Tyranus in-game)   (31.01.2012 22:28) E-mail
Yet again, another hacker. Name is Pres, aimbot and wallhack. I didn't have time to setup the Q3 demo Teaser, so proof is via xfire video once more. Sorry. Ask if you want link.

The recent influx of hackers and the lack of response from PAR is starting to annoy. Also, all I recieved was nonsensical trashtalk from Pirate (believe he's JuJu) and a wannabe PAR called ASSASSIN. I'm no noob, I'm about averagely skilled and, in all fairness, do not deserve such trash from a clan that has Peace and Respect as its name.


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42. Kat Teaser [Teaser]   (31.01.2012 02:47)
Ok Matthew thx again but i am not Pro. in cheat detecting... Screen shudder, etc... - Aimbot. For me it's all new knowledge. Good mark can be accuracy after game. How much he got Acc? Can you record quake3 demo next time. I posted information about it here. Maybe it will interesting

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41. Matthew ([SLc]Tyranus/Tyranus in-game)   (30.01.2012 19:54) E-mail
Hiya folks, Matthew again.

Caught a hacker w' an aimbot, nickname is FA2K.

Don't worry, I brought evidence. Pay attention to the Points of Interest (P.oI) spots in the video where evidence of there being an aimbot appears:

2nd video is encoding and uploading now. Check the videos in my profile.

Let me know what you think. My recommendation is an IP but hey, it's your server! biggrin

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