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40. Kat Teaser [Teaser]   (25.01.2012 12:26)
Thx Matthew for info. Is not PAR member...fake and deserves kick from servers

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39. Matthew ([SLc]Tyranus in-game)   (13.01.2012 16:14) E-mail
Hiya. I was just playing in <PAR>Rail & Hook and came across a player named <PAR>ivan. I killed him 4 times w' no deaths then got bind spammed "Hacker".

Any idea who he is? Is he an official member or someone wearing the tags?

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38. MohkillerMan FullBlood [Moh]   (07.01.2012 16:38)
Hello nesSs. your server is closed and i don't know why.

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37. SPAz [SPACE]   (01.01.2012 19:42)
happy newyear <PAR> ! biggrin biggrin

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36. kev kev [NesSs]   (24.12.2011 19:39)
I think the problem from your side p.I checked banlist etc...Your ip isn't there.I hope your problem will be fixed soon.

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35. p   (18.12.2011 23:45) E-mail
Hey Teaser. it must be so .. DE WIRSTI-NET i cannot Trace route either cry
ill see what happens later.. and thx for help smile I'll let you know when it's working again thx again for your help.

gG =]

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34. Kat Teaser [Teaser]   (18.12.2011 23:25)
maybe it's temporary problem between WIRSTI-NET and your Provider? Try in HLSW --> SERVER --> Trace Route

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33. p   (18.12.2011 21:53) E-mail
Maybe I should have moved this to forum about my problem. sorry surprised

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32. p   (18.12.2011 21:44) E-mail
yes i discover It's Noghost server.. sorry. OK yes i have NP to connect this server i paste IP on HLSW and quake and can connect. Its like only IP> ports 27960 and 33333 i cant connect. strange strange.. and thx for help.. Kat Teaser smile

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31. Kat Teaser [Teaser]   (18.12.2011 20:09)
It's Noghost server. Check connection to BMA. For exemple -

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30. p   (18.12.2011 18:46) E-mail
Hello and yes NP connect to <PAR>-Hook&Rail*Clan Base. This so strange wacko

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29. Kat Teaser [Teaser]   (18.12.2011 18:42)
mysticism! crazy I wrote to NesSs about this, will think...
Can you connect to other BMA-mod servers?

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28. p   (18.12.2011 17:12) E-mail
Hello and yes ITS strange. I have play on this server like 3 years i think.. wid ping like 50. I paste IP on HLSW like i allways Have dun it say timeot.. its same on Quake directly. I knows this is Wurst server and and like i say i see these two server are online on gametracker site. all other servers, I can reach no problem...WTF??

and Thx Kat Teaser for try to help

gG =]

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27. Kat Teaser [Teaser]   (18.12.2011 12:35)
Hello, strange, and that a message you see during try connect?

Like "server for low ping only" or "server use protocol 43" etc.

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26. p   (17.12.2011 02:42) E-mail
Hello all nice site:) Have a problem, can not connect to <PAR>-Hook * Rock & Rail, IP: I see the server is Alive on GameTracker but cannot connect from HLSW or Quake directly. someone who shares this problem?

gG all =]

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