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21. chrisbotal   (25.09.2011 12:35) E-mail
[10:31:46] christophe cucco: I love you criss and teams and I want to thank you cordially to join:)

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20. Серега Коробов [Cooper]   (02.08.2011 17:18) E-mail
thank u Kevin, later I'll see your cfg, see u soon cool

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19. Kat Teaser [Teaser]   (02.08.2011 11:48)
Hi Sowa smile

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18. sowa sowa [2FS_SOWA]   (01.08.2011 19:05) E-mail
Hi players

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17. bunz bunny worm aka kevin   (01.08.2011 18:18) E-mail
i was asked to come here by 1.6n and post my cfg for u guys unfortunalty ime not memebr and when i try it says message to name is bunz bunny or worm real name kevin...if any of you guy want to check the cfg out feel free to go to our site grab it...u must sign up as site is hidden..once uve signed up ule find my cfg under retro excessive under tag bunz..hope this help some people ..also if any guys want to improove ure relfexes u should check our server out as its about as fast as u can (is not a clan but more a comunity of oldschool players) also if u want to check the server out u need 2.2 from e+...and simply type /connect hope to see some of u guys ther

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16. Luq   (30.06.2011 22:18) E-mail
Greets from PL ! Luq cool

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15. Kat Teaser [Teaser]   (12.06.2011 03:47)
hi Riva. This is right answer smile Little detail - all members of PAR was banned befor this kidding with nick of Smaqs. Without reasons. We got alot terrible messages from Smaqs with racism and other inappropriate things for Games. I forwarded you 2 email from her on email - . And maybe you see this picture too? She called him noob during 2 years....

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14. Riva [DHD]   (12.06.2011 00:12)
Maybe you're right, I do not know.
It is true that I do not know the details, but I saw the screenshots of the server that your player Pirate laughs with our clan and game servers under our names DHD. This is not correct. If you can do something about it, I would be very grateful to you. Yours sincerely. cool

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13. kev kev [NesSs]   (11.06.2011 04:43)
Paying what your idiot attitude ? (I am ready for that...) I got enought reactions of players about you ... Cause you aren't a coward only with me with other 2 and i asked to you of change of nick during 1H was enought with your BS like you say ... Now you bored me enought i tried to be cool since 5 days and accepted all from you , go out of q3 like you say all nights we dont need player like you ... You can only creat mess on PAR server and i dont banned u forever (you will be unban soon in 10 games ) . How old are you seriously its like speaking with smakus with you pfff you dont deserve a long post i have better things to do cool And dont try to look like a victim please

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12. kev kev [NesSs]   (10.06.2011 01:03)
Hello Riva

I agree on what posted katusy and you talk about respect good ... Cause i can tell you many things on acts of smakus to other players ... You talk about respect ? Check what made/make smakus all days on dhd hookcenter par and wurst servers , dont come here for talk about respect cause smakus dont know what is it lol You aren't here for see it .

Oh and we respect DHD clan but not smakus .I think we can talk as adults with you cause its impossible with her , i never saw a soo closed mind like that and she dont understand what we write

On this greatings

PS:Dont listen only her version

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11. Ekaterina Gordeeva [Katusy]   (09.06.2011 21:12)
Who told you that we do not respect the DHD? Mentally retarded Smaqs? Cuz you can't say cuz you never play. You can build your opinion only on her words

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10. Riva [DHD]   (09.06.2011 20:29)
Hello PAR - Peace and Respect -> this clan exist? If so, I suggest to change the name of the of the clan. And if not, raise your clan's server and sing among themselves.
Your clan is not welcome on our server, if you do not respect my clan DHD. All the best. Without a receipt.

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9. kev kev [NesSs]   (02.06.2011 17:34)
Whatever lol

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8. Stefan Glas [Oblivion666]   (30.05.2011 04:32)
Its me ODIN. Please erase my account from PAR. I dont want to be a part of Hackers like Nesss!!!

Believe me or not. He is Aimbot, and i dont tolerate that!!!!

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7. Ekaterina Gordeeva [Katusy]   (28.01.2011 01:00)
Thx krejzi biggrin And Stefan i check msn everyday and see offline msg too. you can write

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